February 19, 2017

With gratitude to Robert Frost, on whose brilliant (and often misunderstood) poem this is based. This is dedicated to any and all Republicans who choose in the coming weeks and months to stand against the dismantling of government, society, and truth.


Two roads diverge in Washington:

One condones the lies and treason,

And celebrates the setting sun,

Madly mocking ‘Out of many, one,’

Poisoning truth and trust and reason;


The one whose House is White we watch,

Craning necks as with an accident,

While the one whose other House is bent

On marking kills with notch after notch

Of so much of what to govern has meant.


And as he who warned, explained, and silenced

Shepherds the nineteenth century back,

And a whole party submits in craven compliance

As they do their country unmitigated violence—

Will we know it when we get it back?


I shall be telling this as my days draw to a close,

As of some absorbing ancient mystery:

Two roads diverged in Washington, and those—

Those with courage and conscience chose

The road on the right side of history.